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Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL

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Trailer Conversion Rack Kit
For Canoes & Kayaks
Trailex Conversion  Racks for 
Canoes, Kayaks, Surfboards, and Sailboard
Converts Existing Trailers to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Racks and Trailer Kits come with a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel racks and they Never Rust

All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable


Convert Your Trailer to a Multi  Canoe Kayak Trailer
Trailer - attach storage rack Trailex Trailer Conversion Kit for Canoe or Kayak

      Go from This

To This



Model TR-801-TRM-KIT Eight Canoe Rack  installed on Trailex Trailer 
Trailex Trailer Kit to convert boat trailer to a canoe kayak trailer

   (canoes, trailer frame, box, and display stand not included)



   Model TR-801-TRM-KIT Eight Canoe Rack  installed on Trailex Flatbed Trailer 
Trailex Trailer Kit to convert flatbed trailer to a canoe kayak trailerr

  (canoes, kayaks, trailer frame, and parking jack not included)




Ut-1000-8 Trailex Trailer with Canoes    





Canoe & Kayak 
Trailer Conversion Kit


 48 USA


TR-601-TRM-KIT   Double Tree - 6 Canoes  or Multi Kayaks Trailer Rack Conversion Kit 


TR-801-TRM-KIT   Double Tree - 8 Canoes  or Multi Kayaks Trailer Rack Conversion Kit 




       TR-801-TRM-KIT Optional Extra Equipment


30TPAK Package of 30 Extra T Bolts and Nuts   39.95*
FWSC Package of Four (4) Extra Web Strap Clips ( For Attaching Strap End Hooks)   29.95*

TR-801 -TRM-KIT Rack comes with 24 Web Strap Clips  - Included Standard.

*Accessories Qualify for Free Shipping with Purchase of Storage Rack


TR-601-TRM   DIMENSIONS       

 Vertical Spacing is 22" (adjustable)

 Height  = 70"      Width =  84" Length  = 89"

Weight Capacity is 150 lbs per Bay   900  lbs Total

CLICK HERE to view dimensional drawings




 Vertical Spacing is 22" (adjustable)

 Height  = 93" Width =  84" Length  = 89"

Weight Capacity is 150 lbs per Bay   1100 lbs Total

CLICK HERE to view dimensional drawings






6 Canoes
900  lbs
150 lbs
7'-8" Spacing 
22" Height **

** Adjustable

18  Web Strap Clips Included

8 Canoes
1000 lbs
175 lbs
7'-8" Spacing
22" Height **

** Adjustable

24  Web Strap Clips Included



* TRM-KIT Trailer Mounting Kit Consists of Two 84" Wide Cross Bar Sections and Brackets.   These Cross Bars can Slide anywhere along the length of the Bottom Rack Longitudinal  Member.  This allows easy Spacing adjustment on your Trailer Bed.  Due to the Wide  Variety of Trailers, this Kit DOES NOT INCLUDE attachment Hardware to your  Trailer.  However, Common Brackets and Attachments can be Found in Hardware and  Automotive Parts Stores.  The Cross Bars allow this Kit to Fit  Frame Trailers up to 84" Wide - Excess width can be cut down by the installer.  If installing on a Steel Frame Trailer, Install a section of Rubber Padding  between the Aluminum member and the Steel member to compensate for the material differences.   Installing this Kit Does Require A  Fair Amount of Mechanical Knowledge.


TRM-KIT Trailer Mounting Kit includes 
Two Sliding 84" Long Crossbars 
Which Can Adjust to Fit Many Trailers
Typical Installation on a 
Flatbed Utility Trailer
Sliding Crossbars allow Spacing 
Around Fenders and Other Trailer Features


What Kind of Trailer Can this Rack be Installed On?

Using the Trailer Mounting Kit allows you to adapt the Storage Rack to a Fishing Boat Trailer, Utility Trailer, Flat Bed Trailer, and other Style Trailers.  This allows you the versatility of removing the Rack and Still use your Trailer for Other Purposes.  

You will need to Consider the Following:

A.   Weight Capacity - The Trailer needs to have sufficient Weight Capacity.  The TR-801-TRM-KIT Rack is 130 lbs.   Adding the Weight of Boats and Gear gives you the minimum needed Weight Capacity:
EXAMPLE:  8 Canoes @ 80 lb each = 640 lb + 130 lb for the Rack & Kit  = 770 lb.   The Minimum Weight Capacity Rating of the Trailer would have to be 770 lb or more.

B.  Width - On a Frame Style Fishing Boat Trailer, the Frame has to be 84" or less , outside to outside.  Flat Bed and Utility trailers can be wider than 84", if you can fasten the cross members to the frame under the decking.

C. Length -The Trailer needs to be long enough to handle the length of the Boats you plan to Transport.  Most States allow an Overhang of up to 4 Feet, before requiring Flags or Lights on the ends.  Check  your Local Regulations.









Conversion Rack can also be used for Off Trailer Storage

Trailex Model TR-801 Rack with Rolling Caster Option
(canoe, kayaks not included)


CLICK HERE to See Storage Rack Options



Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt




Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

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 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL