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 Aluminum Racks for Open Box
 Pickup Trucks
 Spring Creek - "One Tuff Truck Rack"


*within the 48 USA



High Quality Aluminum and Stainless Steel



Truck Rack on Pickup
TT-2 Truck Rack - Quickly and Easily Mounts to Any Pickup Truck
(Sorry, Pickup Truck, Kayaks and Dog not included)


TT-2   Rack   Set    is    678.00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Details & Option's Pricing


Aluminum and Stainless Steel - They Never Rust

Truck Rack Layout

600 Lb Capacity on TT-2 Rack set

Top of rack is 65" wide closed,  with a loading bar/side extension on each side of 20", giving a maximum width of 105" possible with both sides fully extended.   Leg Extensions will adjust in  6 increment positions to fit  many possible size requirements.  The top rack bar is 2-3/16" wide and 1-1/2" high.  Height adjusts from 24" to 34"  in 2" increments above bed rails.   Easily adjusts to fit Small Pickup Trucks up to Large Super Cab Pick Ups such as the Ford F350.  34"  maximum height gives you the clearance needed for Double Cab trucks.  Padded Feet are 3"W  X  5" L. 


Truck Rack Mounting Leg

     TT-2 Racks Clamp Securely to the Bed Rails of any Pickup Truck  Adjusts to fit small and full size pickups.  You can quickly remove the clamp mounts on the truck for storage in your garage when not in use.  A molded  cover protects your bed rails.  Height and width are easily adjusted.  All Aluminum & Stainless Steel construction.   Model TT-2
Note:  Bed Liners may require some trimming.

Note:  Trucks with Inside Slide Rails, such as Toyota Tacoma's and some Nissan's models, can use the TT-2 Truck Rack.  Specify that your truck has the Inside Slide Rail, and Special Clamps Options will be added at no additional cost




Truck Rack Clamp Detail    

Bedrail Clamps are All Aluminum, and they allow quick and easy detachment with a simple wrench.  For added security, order the optional SEC-TT2  Security Package which replaces one bolt in four of the eight  clamps, with an Allen style screw head.

Truck Rack Security Package

Close-up of Truck Rack Clamp Detail   Optional Security Bolt Package with Tool  



KS-1 Kayak Saddles can be added to the TT-2 Truck Rack

Click here for details

           Kayak Saddles



Truck Rack Load stops
Load Stops


Optional Load Stops  LS-4

LS-4 Load Stops come as a Set of 4.  Use them on the TT-2 Truck Rack, The EC-2 Truck Rack, The NSC-2 Roof Rack, and the HR-2 Hitch Rack.   Prevents your boat from shifting from Side to Side.  Quickly attaches to most other cross bars.  Sturdy aluminum frame with Non-Marring Vinyl Block.  Slides to any position on Bar. 

 Individual  Stop  is approximately 3" High x 4" Wide
Fits up to 2-3/4" Wide x 2-1/4"  High Square or Rectangular racks  and Fits up to 2-1/4" round bars.




Spring Creek - One Tuff Truck Rack    Truck rack with canoes


Truck Racks can carry multiple Kayaks, two canoes, a boat or a small sailboat


Both sides of top racks on the TT-2  extends for use as a loading bar or as an extension for wider boats




One Tuff Truck Rack 

TT-2 Rack Set
4 Posts 2 Crossbars

$ 678.00

+ FREE Shipping (48 USA)

 Full Featured Rack Set    
If you need only one rack - order the TT-1


TT-1 Rack 
Single Rack

$ 349.95

+ FREE Shipping (48 USA)


              Optional Extra Equipment

LS-4     59.95
KS-1 Kayak Saddle Set for One Kayak 109.95
SEC-TT2  Security Package #   21.00
K-ST Set of Two 7' Straps for Kayak   12.00
C-ST Set of Two 15' Straps for Canoe   16.00
R-CLP Substitute Rail Clamp in place of Standard for certain Toyota and Nissan Rail Systems No

*No Charge for R-CLP when ordered with TT-1 or TT-2 Truck Rack(s)

# SEC-TT2  consists  of  4  tamperproof bolts with a  special  tool.
  Replaces one bolt on each clamp to  make them difficult to remove.


TT-2 Truck Rack Advantages Vs Other Racks
Other racks make you buy expensive accessories to carry canoes & kayaks



    Designed Specifically for Boats  Boat use is secondary
    Top bar is padded  No padding - needs boat options
    Loading bars are standard  no loading bars standard
    Height and width adjusts  many do not adjust
    Can fit virtually any pickup  may need options for other pickups
    Rugged Construction  some actually have plastic supports
    Fits Large Super Cabs and Double Cabs  most do not adjust high enough to clear 




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