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All of the Features of a Regular Bicycle and the 
Fun of Being on Water


Explorer I   HydroBike is 2499.00  *
Explorer II  HydroBike  is 4799.00 *

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* For Shipping Rates, Contact Us
Please include Model Desired and Ship To Location


HydroBikes are  Manufactured in America
from  Components Supplied by USA Companies.


HydroBike Logo

If You Enjoy Bicycling, You Will Love the HydroBike.  It has all of the features of a bike, yet allows you to glide over water.

HydroBike Explorer I Girl on Lake
The HydroBike is untippable.  You can easily pedal 4-6 mph, with a top speed of 10 mph.

Original Hydrobike Company Video

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    HydroBike Explorer I & II
HydroBikes come in Single or Dual Rider Models.  Hand tool assembly: 
One person can assemble and disassemble the HydroBike in minutes, without any tools. 
All Hydrobikes include the Center Console and Pontoon Platforms.


HydroBike Logo

  Length Width Weight Draft Capacity
Explorer I
Single Rider
10' 0" 55" 125 lbs 18"  400 lbs
Explorer II
Two Riders
10' 0" 97" 211 lbs 18" 600 lbs

HydroBike uses a standard bicycle mechanism chain drive with a 8.6:1 gear ratio.  It drives a 12" propeller and steering is accomplished with a rudder connected directly to the bike's handlebars.  The total height from the top of the handlebars to the bottom of the hull is 53".  Structural  parts are aluminum and rust resistant  metals.  Floats are made from polyethylene.





HydroBike Prop Detail   HydroBike Storage Compartment

Propeller Automatically Pivots 
Up and Over Obstacles


Built-in Storage Cargo Compartment.
There are even Two Cup Holders!

Stable enough to Jump From The HydroBike is so Stable, 
It Can Be Used as a 
Swimming or Sunbathing Platform.  You Don't Even Have to Know 
How to Ride A Bicycle, or 
Worry About Tipping.  
Just Add Water, and Pedal.

HydroBike Explorer I and Explorer II
HydroBikes are Great Family Fun.  Waterbike together, or go Solo.  Steady and sturdy: 
Stable enough to dive from, HydroBikes can also handle rough water conditions, 
including five foot ocean swells.



HydroBike Explorer II
Explorer II, shown with E-Z Carry Straps, a standard option included with all HydroBikes.
Shallow water is no problem: Ideal for narrow and shallow water, the HydroBike can operate 
in eighteen inches of water.  With the prop up, you can glide in less than a foot of water.
If the drive train and propeller encounter rocks or sand, it automatically pivots 
up and over the obstacle. You can even pedal right up onto the beach 
without damaging the propeller or rudder.

HydroBike Explorer I
Explorer I, shown with E-Z Carry Straps.
High-performance propulsion system: The lower drive train is sealed water-tight, 
providing protection even in salty seawater. The chain uses environmentally friendly lubricants.
Built-in storage compartment: Stow extra clothes, beverages, and cargo. 
There are even two cup holders.  
E-Z Carry straps are standard on HydroBike Explorers.





Explorer I    HydroBike   2499.00  *
Explorer II   HydroBike 4799.00  *



* For Shipping Rates, Contact Us
Please include Model Desired and Ship To Location


 Explorer I  includes:   Basic Hydrobike and Floats, Lower Decks (2), Console,  Drive Train Lever Arm (raises & lowers Prop), Carrying  Straps, Standard Seat,  Chain Guard and Choice of Trim and Float Colors.



 1 Year Warranty on complete HydroBike  


Launching Dolly for HydroBike Explorer 1 - Designed for Firm Ground  - 16" x 4" Wheels


              Optional Extra Equipment

EX-II-Kit Converter kit to merge two Explorer I HydroBikes into an Explorer II 279.00
DD-10 Launching Dolly for HydroBike Explorer 1 598.00
F-CLR Float Colors: Please Specify:
Hunter Green
T-CLR Trim Colors - Platforms & Console- Please Specify:
Hunter Green
Royal Blue
Violet Purple

See Action Videos

Users  love to post Videos.  See the Latest Action Videos


Original Hydrobike Company Video

Hydrobike Trip Around A Lake Video


Hydrobikes Interview by Inside Fitness Video



HydroBike Yellow

HydroBike Hunter Green
Hunter Green

Float Color Options



HydroBike Hunter Green
Hunter Green

HydroBike Royal Blue
Royal Blue

HydroBike Violet Purple
Violet Purple

Platforms & Console Trim Color Options



HydroBike Explorer I and Explorer II
Using the EX-II-Kit allows Two Explorer I Single Rider Hydrobikes to easily convert
 into an Explorer II Dual Rider Hydrobike.  You can easily switch back and forth from 
Single to Dual Rider HydroBikes in minutes, using no tools.

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