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Outrigger Stabilizer Floats for
 Canoes and Boats


* Within the 48 USA




Don't  be misled by the Imitations - This is the Original Stabilizer System. Many Others are made from or assembled with Foreign Parts.  Check  the Imitators Closely, as some of Their Floats are only Inflatable Material - Not Tough , Rugged  and Dependable like  the  Original American Canoe & Kayak Outrigger System.



Stabilizer Floats - Fly Fishing
Great for Fly Fishing


SFC-EF Outrigger  is 219..00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Includes FREE Bonus Package

SFC-HD Outrigger  is 319..00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Includes FREE Bonus Package

Scroll Down the Page  for Details , Available Options Pricing  and Action Videos



Hydrodynamic Floats in Action  Video

Scroll to the Bottom for More Action Videos



Stabilizer floats with full load on canoe

Quickly installs or removes without any tools  


Canoe Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer Floats
Stabilizer Floats have the Latest Quick Release Clamps


Stabilizer Floats- Demo

Charcoal color float

Eathafoam Stabilizer Floats are charcoal gray in color, not white as seen in these photos

Two Styles of Floats are Available

Floats telescope out to a 6 ft spread, and they  quickly attach without any tools

Floats can be adjusted up and down to allow clearance between water when traveling or contact with water when still


Eathafoam Floats
Eathafoam Floats are soft, solid and pliable


Hydronamic Floats
Hydrodynamic Floats are rigid with hollow interior


Float Arm Quick Release Clamp
Quick Release Float Arm Clamp Allows you to adjust height easily


Stabilizer frame will attach to any point on your canoe.  Specify widest portion of canoe and frame will fit any distance smaller. Middle, Bow or Stern


  • Eatha Foam Floats are 27" long and 6" diameter

  • Floats have a 6" vertical adjustment 
    (12" Maximum  to Bottom of Float)

  • Eatha Foam Floats telescope from 0" to 18" out

  • Floats are gray, but can be painted

  • Eathafoam floats weigh 1.1 lb each

  • Total Weight is typically 9 lbs

  • ***

  • Hydrodynamic Floats are 37" Long and 6" Diameter

  • Hydrodynamic Floats are torpedo shaped and lock in place to track alongside the boat thru the water.

  • Hydrodynamic Floats have a 10" vertical adjustment 
    (16" Maximum  to Bottom of Float)

  • Hydrodynamic  Floats telescope from 0" to 18" out

  • Hydrodynamic Floats are rigid polyethylene and weigh 4 lbs each.  Total Weight is typically 15 lbs


Stabilizer for Canoes   Model  SF-C-EF with eathafoam floats          
Specify model/type & maximum width of your canoe 
1 (one) Year Warranty
219.00 + FREE SHIPPING in the 48 USA 


Stabilizer for Canoes   Model  SF-C-HD with hydrodynamic floats           
Specify model/type & maximum width of your canoe 
5 (five) Year Warranty
319.00 +   FREE SHIPPING in the 48 USA 



TB-1  Tote Bag for Hydrodynamic or Eathafoam Float Stabilizers is 39.95
(Shipping is FREE when ordered with either Stabilizer Package)



Bonus Buy! 


Save  $ 39.95


Ask for the Bonus Package and you will receive:

The TB-1 Tote Bag
 for Hydrodynamic  or Eathafoam Float Stabilizers

Bonus  Item  FREE 
(offer only valid when ordered with Stabilizer System Order)


*  This special offer is available only when ordering as a package with a Stabilizer System  as part of the original order.

Sorry, Offer Does Not Apply to Prior Sales




This Heavy Duty Carry Bag has an end zipper closure.  Adjustable Strap  makes it easy to transport.  It fits components up to 45" long - All of the Standard Float and Cross Bar Sizes.  
(color may vary)



Canoe Model Notes

If you have any of the following - Please mention when ordering so we can provide you with the correct Stabilizer Model

Coleman  All Models
Grumman "Eagle" Model
Grumman "Falcon" Model
Mad River "Adventure" Model
Mad River "Passage" Model
Native Watercraft All Models
Pelican  All Models


Which Model Is Best for You?

SF-C-EF Eathafoam Floats are What Most People Order for a Canoe.  Since the Eathafoam Floats are on a Center Pivot, They are not Designed to be in the Water While You Travel.  Keep Them Raised out of the Water and if You Start to Tip, They Will Prevent You From Tipping Over.  When you Arrive at a Location Where You Want Extra Stability, A Quick Turn of the Knob Lowers Them into Contact with the Water.

SF-C-HD Hydrodynamic Floats are Larger and Offer Even Greater Stability.  They are Designed to Travel in the Water, While Paddling or Motoring.  Hydrodynamic Floats are torpedo shaped and lock in place to track alongside the boat thru the water.

Both Models Will Adjust to Attach to Any Point Stem To Stern on Your Canoe.   Many Sportsmen Attach Them About One-Third Back From the Bow as a Convenient Spot, However, You  Have the Flexibility of Putting Them at  any Position You May Prefer.


Hydrodynamic floats on a canoe
Hydrodynamic Floats on Canoe


Hydrodynaimic floats on kayak
Hydrodynamic Floats on Kayak

Hydrodynamic float in action
Hydrodynamic Float

Gunwale Clamp Detail





Gunwale Clamp Detail

Two quick release knobs attach the cross bar to the boat's gunwales as pictured.  Gunwale lip should be at least 3/4" for maximum secure attachment.

Canoes with only Outside  Gunwale Lips require  the next  Wider Stabilizer Float Model.

Boats without gunwale lips can be attached with optional bolt on gunwale clamps similar to the brackets for small cockpit kayaks.




Eathafoam floats paddling
Eathafoam Floats Are Extremely Stable And Easy To Use

Hydrodynamic floats standing
Hydrodynamic Floats Give Maximum Stability





Jon Boat for Stabilizer Floats

Stabilizer for Jon Boats
   Model SF-JB-EF
with eathafoam floats
for Small Jon Boats - Specify Width 
219.00*FREE SHIPPING in the 48 USA 

Stabilizer for Jon Boats
   Model SF-JB-HD
with hydrodynamic floats
for Small Jon Boats - Specify Width 
319.00* FREE SHIPPING in the 48 USA 

* For Jon Boats up to 45" Wide with Inside Gunwale Lips.  Boats with only Outer Gunwale Lips require  the next  Wider Stabilizer Float Model.  Additional cost for wider boats

* Many Jon Boats have Round Gunwales - usually the clamp will fit these - but if you are unsure - order the bolt on  Gunwale Adapter Set - available for only $ 12.00


See Action Videos

Outrigger Stabilizer Users love to post Videos.  See the Latest 
Action Videos



Hydrodynamic Canoe  Floats on a Canoe with a Sail  Video



Installing The Floats on  a Canoe - Video



Hydrodynamic Canoe  Floats on the Chicago River Video



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